Wild Things Childcare

Our childcare area is a safe place for your little ones to stay while mom is getting her sweat on.  All childcare providers are CPR certified and known personally by the clients, so you don’t have to worry during your hour of “me” time!

  • ALL children not participating in classes will need to stay in the designated childcare area for the duration of class.  For the safety of your little ones, children will not be allowed in the workout area unless they are participating in a class.
  • We do not offer diapering or snacks per state requirements.  No food is allowed in the childcare area.
  • Your child is allowed a maximum of 1.5 hours per day in the facility per state requirements.
  • If, for any reason, the parent/guardian is needed, a message will be sent to his/her cell phone (see mobile phone policy in “The Rules”).
  • Childcare will be provided for ages 6 weeks up to 14.
  • Childcare will be available during limited hours.  Please check our online schedule to ensure childcare is offered during the desired class.
  • Online registration and pre-payment is highly encouraged as there are only 6 available spots.
  • $15/month unlimited childcare available to members only
  • $3 for one child or $5 for two children for all other visits
  • Childcare is included at no additional fee for the pay in full for 6 months option.

Need a shower?

The Studio will be open 30 minutes after the completion of most classes.  During that time, you may shower, get ready to take on the day, etc!

  • All staff will leave promptly 30 minutes after each class is completed; please be aware of the time as you are getting ready for your day!