My name is Denae and I’m a 21 year old nursing student! I’ve been attending The Studio for a year now. I was introduced to The Studio by a coworker. I was scared to try it out, but I’m SO glad I did. It’s changed my life both physically and mentally.

After my first JAM class I was ADDICTED!! I purchased the 2 week pass to see what else The Studio had to offer. On average, I attend 5 classes a week now. I started noticing changes within my body just after the first 2 weeks. I was dropping weight! I also noticed my stress levels decreasing. Before attending The Studio, I had back problems because I carry stress in my shoulders. Now, if I consistently go to the classes I don’t have that problem anymore!

My weight has always been an issue and struggle in my life. I’ve tried workout videos and joined a couple of gyms to help me with my goals but they don’t compare to The Studio. All the instructors challenge and encourage me. Having that accountability has been a major asset in my weight loss journey. Plus these classes are FUN and the time goes by so fast.

The Studio has really helped with my physical health and changed my outlook on health and fitness. Before The Studio, I HATED working out, but now I can’t imagine my life without it. So far I’ve lost 60 pounds!!

I used to think that looking like the ideal me or the skinny me, I would be happiest. I’ve learned what makes me happy is the journey of how far I’ve come and how far I will go in the future. I’ve learned to take this time for myself, have fun, live freely, and enjoy the journey of not becoming me, but becoming a better version of myself.
Any class I attend whether it’s me dancing or on my mat- It’s an hour a day for ME and I leave feeling beautiful, confident, and stronger.