My name is Laura, and I’m a 41 year old wife, mom, and health care provider who lives in Battlefield, MO. I’ve got 2 kids, ages 14 and 10, and my husband Kevin is a teacher and coach at Cherokee Middle School. I was first introduced to The Studio in February 2015 by a friend of mine who was actually an instructor at the time. She was gushing on Facebook, not about the class she taught, but about how much fun this class called Jam was. At the time I was in the middle of completing another graduate degree and was looking for an effective stress reliever that would take my mind off studying for an hour. I thought I’d go a time or two and then use my typical excuse that I was too busy to keep it up. Well I never had so much fun getting sweaty, and I was hooked from day one. I’ve been going to Jam 2-3 times per week since then, and always look forward to awesome music, a room full of motivating women, amazing encouragement and enthusiasm from Jamie and Cami, and a killer workout masked by fun dance moves. Despite the fact that I’m a classic introvert, you’ll usually find me in the front row, not because I want eyes on me but because I’m trying to keep my eyes on Jamie. I don’t have any dance experience and you don’t need a dance background to get a good workout. I just watch the movements and do my best to recreate them, keeping in mind that as long as I keep moving, I’m burning calories, strengthening my muscles (particularly my heart), and having fun.
About 2-3 months ago I started going to Buti as well. You’ll now find me at The Studio about 4-5 times per week. The combination of the two classes has resulted in several noticeable transformations. I work in a demanding field as a physician assistant in oncology and give so much of myself to my patients. The biggest lesson I’ve learned this past year is to love myself, take time for myself, and make myself a priority also. In doing so I’ve taken the stress of my job and the stress of being a working mom, and transformed it into so much more emotional stability. I’m happier, I’m calmer, I’m more confident, and I’m able to give so much more love to my family as a result. And if I’m being honest, my marriage has improved this past year, not just because I’m more emotionally stable, but because I’ve found my sexy again. I feel sexy shaking my booty, I feel sexy rolling my hips, and I feel sexy with sweat dripping off my body. And I’ve brought that sexy home, and ladies…it is good. There have been physical changes also. I’m stronger, I’m more toned, and I’ve dropped a size in clothing. AND I wore a bikini at the beach about 2 weeks ago for the first time in about 10 years. Not because I have even close to the perfect body now, but because I have developed the confidence to do so. And that confidence and love for myself came from the time I’ve spent on my mat, and the time I’ve spent dancing my heart out.
I’ve been active my entire life, lifting weights in high school and college, and then spending nearly 15 years as a Certified Athletic Trainer doing rehab on sports related injuries. But what keeps me coming back to The Studio and what’s different about The Studio is Jamie Kinkeade. She’s one of the most genuine people I know, and her enthusiasm, her words of encouragement, and her passion for her clients flow from her and motivate and inspire me every time I walk through the door. She has surrounded herself with like-minded women who help her not just instruct other classes, but share that passion. All of the instructors are fabulous, the classes are challenging but fun at the same time, and you’ll feel welcome and at home whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been coming for years.