Hi! My name is Jennifer Miller and I began my journey with The Studio when it opened, falling in love with not only the classes, but the camaraderie of women. Teaching was the next step as I gracefully fell into the role of filling in as a substitute teacher when needed.  Feeling a further pull towards instructing, I jumped in with both feet in July of 2016 and became BUTI Yoga certified. Currently working on my Personal Training Certification, I will have the opportunity to instruct clients on an individual basis towards the end of this year.

As a Physical Therapist for 17 years, I have always been active and interested in health and fitness. I’ve spent most of my career helping others recover from injury and illness; but the undeniable pull towards helping empower women to achieve their fitness goals coupled with my passion and experience as a dancer, eventually lead me to become an instructor at The Studio. I believe dancing brings my soul to life! It energizes me, helps me forget my worries, and allows me to get lost in the moment. Once I found BUTI Yoga, a whole new level of fitness was discovered. There is nothing more well-rounded than BUTI Yoga; it transforms your body and your mind, pushing you beyond your limits. I love helping other women find their inner goddess through BUTI, empowering them to be the best version of themselves. Whether I am teaching Jam or BUTI Yoga, you’re sure to find me lighting up the stage with motivating energy and sheer love for The Studio and the clients!