Hi! I’m Shelby, and I get to teach Holy Yoga at The Studio! I’ve been practicing yoga for many years on and off but it wasn’t until I started practicing hot yoga 3-5 times a week that I truly fell in love with yoga and all the benefits of the practice. I started to notice not only physical changes but also mental and emotional changes and it got better with every class I took. My time on my mat at the end of class, when I am completely relaxed and not holding on to any stress, became my prayer time. It wasn’t long before I knew that this was something I had to share with others. I found the Holy Yoga Instructor Training program that combined yoga and faith and got certified! Holy Yoga is all about finding your true self and claiming freedom in your life. No matter where you are with your yoga or faith journey, there is a place for you here!

Holy Yoga at The Studio will leave you sweaty and relaxed when you walk out the door, and more equipped to go out and meet all the demands of life. Teaching yoga brings me so much joy! I get to watch my students literally transform on their mats. I say it all the time but it really isn’t about the poses, it’s about showing up and doing the internal work. That’s when the healing comes. It is beautiful and I am truly honored to share this gift with so many of my yogi sisters at The Studio. See you on your mat!