I’m the mother of two incredible humans, who really make it look like I’ve got my life together. I also spend some time with a beautiful piece of arm candy, whom I call husband. We all exist to service the whims of two demanding Yorkshire terriers.

I started practing yoga about fourteen years ago because I was a serious runner, and I knew yoga was “good for me”. I didn’t love it, and was a real slacker – going long periods without practicing. I realized later I’d likely never had a REAL yoga teacher!

I took my first Hot Yoga class and everything changed. I was in love with the practice, and the style of teaching. It didn’t take long for my body to feel the benefits of a real yoga practice. All the aches and pains I had associated with growing older began to disappear! All I wanted to talk about was yoga! I shared it with anyone who would listen, and I was constantly dragging friends to class. A year later, I made the decision to become certified to teach.

I earned my initial RYT-200 with Sumits Yoga, and I am certified through the Yoga Alliance. Since my original certification, I have taken every opportunity to continue my yoga education and have participated in as many workshop and trainings as possible. I’ve now been teaching for four years, and have earned my E-RYT. I am now working on my 500 hour certification, and I am more in love with yoga than ever! Practicing yoga has become my passion, and teaching yoga, my heartsong.

I had taken classes from Jamie Kinkeade when she was teaching in a school gymnasium. I’d never seen anyone like her! Her energy was contagious, and her moves killer! Dancing with Jamie was the best reason to get up on a Saturday morning. When a mutual friend told me Jamie was starting her own studio, and looking for a yoga teacher, I jumped at the chance!
Teaching for The Studio has given me more than words can express. I have been honored to be the first yoga teacher many of our students ever experienced. Watching students begin to listen to their bodies, and trust in their own strength is nothing short of miraculous. I fall in love every single class.