Client: “It’s impossible to put into words how much I love this class. It’s really a course in reaching the depths of your soul and cleaning out all of the negative energy you store up. You will feel sore, uplifted and totally empowered when you leave!”  Client:  “I freaking love this class! I don’t care if it’s hard! There’s something magical that happens inside when I’ve gotten through it. I feel like I’ve had an emotional release. I leave feeling powerful.”

This high energy, co-ed class will take you through a series of conditioning, cardio, and calming moves to fuel your transformation from the inside out.  The class will be completed on a yoga mat and will focus on igniting the spark inside all of us to find the fire we had forgotten was there with the use of motivational audio as well as booming rock, rap, and slower alternative tunes to give you all the feels. Mat, towel, and water are needed. Shoes are optional.