Hi! I’m Cami White and I am a fitness junkie! My journey started way back in high school with Tae Bo VHS in my living room. From there it progressed to a gym and some good group fitness classes like step aerobics, kick-boxing and cardio playgrounds. During college, I played field hockey at MSU and took part in a lot of conditioning and heavy weight lifting. I ran my first, and only, marathon in June of 2005 and if I’m honest it kind of ruined my interest in running. Shortly after that, I got certified to teach Body Jam and loved the energy and feel that I got from the class. My fitness instructing was short lived as I got a full time elementary school teaching job and started having babies. I met Jamie when she came to teach at my school a little over five years ago. She tried to get me to go to her Zumba class, but I didn’t have time to waste dancing when I could get a good 60 minutes in on the gym’s cardio equipment. When she told me the calorie burn that she got form the class, I decided to give it a try. I had done many group fitness classes up to this point, so I had expectations and I DID NOT LIKE IT! I catch on to things fairly quick and I couldn’t handle her not calling out the next move. I felt like I was behind the entire time. I did give it a second try and some of the songs were familiar so I was able to catch on a little more. From that point on, I WAS HOOKED! I started doing class with Jamie 3 days a week NO MATTER WHAT! I lived in Springfield but worked in Nixa, so I would drive home, fix and eat dinner with my family, get my kids ready for bed and make the drive back to Nixa (30 minutes each way!). People, that’s how good this class and group of women are!!! When Jamie decided to open The Studio she asked me to join her in teaching the dance fitness class, now called JAM. It took me a little while to decide because I knew the expectation everyone had because of Jamie’s amazing leadership! The Studio has changed my life! I’ve always loved fitness but I LOVE THE STUDIO CLASSES. I cannot imagine my life without The Studio. It’s not about having time for me…Lord knows I’m busier than heck…it’s about finding the time for the things that matter most in your life. I am stronger, healthier both physically and mentally and in the best cardiovascular shape I’ve ever been in! The combination of classes offered at The Studio is a perfect balance of strength, flexibility and cardio. I don’t do anything outside of The Studio because everything I need is here! I look forward to having you in class or taking a class with you. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. I can’t imagine where I’d be right now had I not taken that first class.