all the way up

Description: We are so excited to offer the area’s VERY FIRST EVER spring-loaded plyometric, ResistDance band, anti-gravity PARTY!!!!!

This class will start with 30 minutes of straight cardio bouncing the house down in spring-loaded, anti-gravity Air Kicks made to fit any shoe size (tennis shoes worn-boots are fitted around them). The spring mechanism reduces the impact of the plyometric move preventing injury and creating a kick ass trampoline feel. The second section of the class is done with resistance bands suspended from the ceiling and a plyometric jump box. Imagine doing box jumps, high knees, and step aerobics while feeling weightless! We also include toning of the arms, abs, and, of course, dat ass into the routine.This class will help reduce impact on joints without taking away from the intensity of the workout or the kick ass fun that comes with any class at The Studio.

You will need sturdy tennis shoes, long socks, and pants along with your water and sweat towel.

Air Kicks Rental is $2 (cash only) unless you have your own.